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What is

Good Marketing?

For us, it means developing long term working relationships that provide value.

What Makes it Work?

Our workflow prioritizes highly cost effect options with measurable results.

We accomplish this by helping our clients get the most out of their media and providing creative compounding marketing solutions.

70's Groovy Lined

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70's Groovy Lined
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Digital Marketing for B2C Products Services

The thing we enjoy most at Good Marketing Works is the helping business and nonprofits improve their online awareness and sales.

We do this through a variety of ways and we tailor each strategy to your specific business, industry, and needs to create a compounding impact. Most businesses lose out on sales and customers due to the fact they are utilizing all the tools at their disposal. Most the time these tools are completely free and just require specialized knowledge of how to implement them correctly.

Most digital marketing efforts only requires a 1 time set up that tends to only require occasional updating to have a large impact on your business.

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Additional Marketing Skills

Advertising on Digital Platforms - PPC

Content Marketing

We specialize in PPC (paid per click) marketing on Meta, Google Business, Linkedin, and Reddit.

We found that any highly effective digital marketing has two aspects, the strategy and the content. We love help

Direct Marketing

Evaluating Data & Reporting Analytics

We specialize in PPC (paid per click) marketing on Meta, Google Business, Linkedin, and Reddit.

We specialize in PPC (paid per click) marketing on Meta, Google Business, Linkedin, and Reddit.

Nonprofit Specific Digital Marketing

As a nonprofit, your organization has access to additional free or heavily reduced costs digital marketing options. We have also helped set up and manage different Google Ad Grants accounts.

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Meet the People Behind Good Marketing Works
tyger likes eggs

Kenzie loves the details, data, and the everlasting pursuit of perfection.

She has always enjoyed drawing (specifically home design), working with livestock, and diving into the mysteries of daily life.

Her current pursuit is lighting and the creative ways it can be used to create interesting studio photos of people & products. She is also currently learning web design.

Contact Information

email: goodmarketingworks@gmail.com

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